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Have you cleared N5 level Japanese Language Proficiency Test or are you studying for it?  Are you passionate about higher education in Japan? Are you looking for a job/business/higher study opportunities in Japan? Then you have come to the right place!

Japan has the third largest economy in the world. Japan is very passionate about its culture and language. It has all job opportunities for different profiles, especially in computers and mechanical  field. Recruitment takes place continuously in Japan. Wondering how to be a part of this? Please continue to read. 

Asia Japanese Academy is the Japanese language school established in April, 2001 at Fukuoka, Japan . It provides different courses (regular as well as short) to gear up students for higher education in Japan, for better career advancement or to establish a business in Japan. The curriculum is designed in such a unique way that, students acquire the knowledge of Japanese language along with learning more about Japanese culture. Moreover, it also provides assistance for placement.

Advantages of studying Japanese in Japan


Learning Japanese is faster in Japan as students will be in touch with Japanese during every aspect of the day. Students can do part time job while studying. This will make them comfortable working with Japanese people and in a Japanese environment. So this is a Study, Earn and Grow opportunity for students.  

For those who cannot afford to go to the US for further studies due to cost issues this a good opportunity to land in a foriegn country like Japan, as expenses are comparatively less. The total cost for 2 years general course is approximately between 30 Lakhs to 35 Lakhs (it depends on your lifestyle while staying in Japan). Also, if a student is willing to work part time, then after 6 months, he could earn 12 Lakhs in remaining 1.5 years. So actual cost would come out to be 17 Lakhs. We recommend that you should be ready with 35 Lakhs in case your child does not like to work part time in places like stores. 

So why not stand out in the crowd!  Prepare yourself for a better future by learning Japanese in Japan. To  know more about this opportunity, fees and other expenses register get further details, Feel free to contact us by email at info@fairshare.tech or phone +91 985-0830-247